Youth Group


St. Justin’s Youth Group Ministry invites all Grade 8 through 12 youth to become part of the “Youth Group.” We generally meet twice a month on Sunday evenings between 6pm and 8:00pm, in St. Justin’s Conference Room.  Come join our community service group where we share our faith while doing fun activities. Join us for a combination of continuing formation in our Catholic faith with opportunities to put our faith into practice through service.  Join us as we laugh, find hope, love & friendship in a Catholic Christian community! Being involved in this group is a great way to deepen your faith and develop friendships with others who share your Catholic beliefs.

 Some of our events are trips to Diocesan Youth Conferences & Great Adventure, also helping out other Parish organizations such as the Holy Innocents and St. Vincent DePaul.

During Lent we portray a Living Stations of the Cross.

 Come join us for pizza, movie nights, game nights, and more!     

For further information contact Deacon Fred at: (732) 270-3980 ext 331, or  talk to Deacon Fred after Mass.

Check out the links for the free Vatican Sponsored Iphone App, and shows from Real Faith TV sponsored by our Diocese