Attendance/Dismissal Policy


       Our program is an ongoing cumulative instruction. Therefore, we recommend that no year be interrupted or skipped. Regular attendance at all sessions is expected and if an absence should occur please notify our office. Any student who produces a doctor’s note will have the absence excused. Please notify our office of any lengthy illness.

       We ask your cooperation in the dismissal process of our children.

Children in grades 1-3, are to be walked into the classrooms and picked up from their classrooms by a parent/guardian.

       Children in grades 4-8, will be dismissed into the parking lot. We ask that you park your car in a “DESIGNATED” parking space. All driving lanes are to be kept clear. DO NOT BLOCK GARAGE DOORS OF RECTORY.

       No child will be allowed to walk the pathway to Cattus Is. Blvd. without written permission. No child will be released early without a note & a parent/guardian sign out.