Sunday & Daily Mass Guidelines and New Mass Times as of June 8, 2020

RE-ENTERING THE CHURCH–The Limited Public Celebration of the Mass– Bishop O’Connell has issued directives for the re-opening of the church. These directives must be abided by in all parishes. Bishop O’Connell has issued revised directives as of 9/11/20. Read Full Directives from the Bishop Here…

Weekday Masses will be Monday thru Thursday at 8:00 am beginning Monday, June 8, 2020. 

Sunday Masses will be Saturday Vigil Mass at 5 PM and Sunday at 8 AM; 10 AM and 12 noon.

Those who are hesitant or fearful because of COVID 19 concerns as well as those with a COVID 19 diagnosis or symptoms, those who may be asymptomatic carriers, those not feeling well, those with underlying health conditions or those in a high-risk category should stay home and avoid any public gathering. A dispensation from Sunday/Holy Day obligation has been granted until further notice so that the faithful could “stay home” in good conscience. 

  • Social distance (6 feet) must be maintained
  • Everyone over the age of 7 must wear a face mask. The mask is only to be taken off for the reception of Holy Communion


  • Wash your hands
  • Those 7 years old or older are required to wear a face mask on our campus and during Mass
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer so that you can use it before receiving Holy Communion
  • Do not bring items that contain bleach into the church/hall as this will damage the furniture
  • You can bring sanitizer wipes to clean the seat and surrounding area that you use provided the wipes do not contain bleach


  • Masks (for ages 7+) should be worn as soon as you exit your vehicle
  • Arrive early to allow time for ministers to seat you accordingly
  • Only the front doors of the church are permitted to be opened. No one can enter through other doors.


  • Masses will be conducted with reduced volunteer lay ministers. There will be no altar servers, lectors or music until further notice
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will assist the priest and the deacon in the distribution of Holy Communion
  • Please keep your face mask on for the duration of Mass
  • Baskets will not be passed during the offertory. You will be able to place your weekly gift in baskets by the doors of the churches


  • Communion in the hand is strongly preferred
  • Use of personal hand sanitizer before communion is strongly encouraged
  •  After the priest or EMHC places Holy Communion in your hand, lower your mask, consume the Eucharist, and then re-mask. 


  • Please do not congregate outside, but head directly to your vehicle to allow the next Mass to start on time


  • We will continue to implement cleanliness and sanitization practices, including cleaning the pews/chairs daily and in between Masses
  • The restrooms will remain closed at this time

There still will be a risk for anyone who attends a public Mass or any venue. Even with best health practices and strict social distancing, anyone who enters any public space should recognize there is a risk of contracting the coronavirus. Improved cleaning will occur at our church, but no one should expect that they will be any safer from germs than in other public spaces. Please use caution and common sense.

 If you would like to volunteer to help sanitize the church please call the parish office at 732-270-3980 or private message our St. Justin the Martyr Facebook Page, thank you.