­Save the Date: An Introduction to St. Luke’s Gospel and the Infancy Narrative

The Advent Season, which begins on Sunday,December 2nd this year, is the beginning of a new Church Liturgical Year. Each year, beginning with Advent, we continue to relive Salvation History given to us in the Scriptures and Tradition of the Church. The Liturgical Year sanctifies “time” and allows us to live daily life with the Presence and the Power of God’s grace. Guiding us this year, “Year C” as it is called by the Church, will be the Gospel of Luke. His Gospel will be the focus of our Sunday readings. It will be supplemented by various Old Testament Scripture passages. The Gospel of Luke, like the other Gospels, has a special reflection and meaning for us to consider each Sunday. There are ‘themes’ in the Gospel
for us to be aware of.

Here are some of the major ideas of Luke’s Gospel:
-It is the Gospel of the Poor because it pays special
attention to the outcasts and needy;
-It is the Gospel of Prayer because it portrays Jesus often at prayer;
-It is the Gospel of the Holy Spirit because Luke
frequently notes the action of the Spirit;
-It is the Gospel of women because more than any
other Gospel, women are prominent;
-It is also the Gospel reflecting God’s Compassion and forgiveness.

We are privileged to welcome Father Pablo Gadenz to our parish on Wednesday, November 28th at 7:00 pmin the Church. Father Gadenz is a priest of our Diocese who is presently an associate professor of Biblical Studies at Seton Hall University. Father Tom was a student of Father Gadenz while at ImmaculateConception Seminary and we thank Fr. Tom for inviting Fr. Gadenz to our parish.

Father Gadenz is the author of a commentary on the Gospel of Luke for the Catholic Commentary on
Sacred Scripture series. He has also authored various book chapters, articles, and book reviews and is a member of the Catholic Biblical Association of America, the Society of Biblical Literature, and the Academy of Catholic Theology. Father will give an overview of St. Luke’s Gospel and then examine Luke’s account of the Infancy Narrative of Christ.

Make sure you attend this lecture. Father is an outstanding teacher and biblical scholar, so mark your calendars for this evening that will help us to better understand St. Luke’s Gospel and prepare us for the Advent and Christmas seasons…Fr. Mark