Excerpt from performance “The Magnificat”

Holy Mother Church has always been a patron of the arts. From the earliest days of Christianity, art was considered essential to expressing and teaching the faith. Even when the Christians were a beleaguered minority in the catacombs, they used images of the Lord as the good shepherd, scenes from the Old and New Testaments, and pictures of loaves and fishes. Once Christianity went above ground, early believers gave form to their faith in great basilicas, mosaics and all other art forms. The reason for this close relationship is that art and faith are bound together by beauty. We are brought by the perceptible beauty of the material world to the imperceptible beauty of the spiritual world. Saint Pope John Paul II, a poet and playwright himself, gathered artists on a number of occasions. He also wrote a Letter to Artists in which he tells of the importance of the arts throughout the history of the Church, as well as their importance today. He concludes the letter by inviting all artists to use their God-given talent for the greater good of all humanity. The artist’s mission is a daunting one. Sacred art, everywhere and at all times, has and will continue to communicate its message far beyond the place and time for which it was created and long after the artist has passed away. What began before the existence of written language has endured to support us today in spirit and faith.

Our parish was blessed to host the Xavier Company ( on Sunday, April 3rd as they performed “No Greater Love,” the passion of Christ in drama, song and dance. The performance was outstanding and well received. Approximately 400 people attended and gave the cast a standing ovation. This professional theater company raved about our beautiful church and its excellent acoustics. I thank all of those involved in making this an overwhelming success. Thank you to all who attended, to those who publicized the event and those who worked on hospitality and refreshments. Due to the overwhelming success of this performance, I will invite the Xavier Company back to our parish. God bless you all and thank you.                  Father Mark